The following are memorandums by the Office of Councilmember Raul Peralez and ordered by descending date. Memo names are links and description is notated as: “Date Published; Authors; (Public Body & Meeting Date)”.


❖ Reduce homelessness and its impacts in San Jose & District 3
❖ Increase equitable housing affordability throughout San Jose and Region
❖ Protect and Strengthen Tenant Rights

❖ Economic Recovery
❖ Health Recovery
❖ Make public transportation more accessible and seamless regionally

❖ Maintain public safety resources proportionate to our city population
❖ Create a safe haven for all communities, including BIPOC and immigrant communities
❖ Put forward common sense policy to reduce gun violence in the community
❖ Reduce traffic KSIs and increase public confidence in San Jose’s streets
❖ Increase mental health awareness and services to all San Jose residents and County Behavioral Health Services

❖ Equitability within all City Services
❖ Maintain Worker Rights in San Jose
❖ Achieve charter changes that aligns with our values


Housing & Homelessness

Renter Rights & Referral Updates
In 2015, one of the first initiatives that the Councilmember took was to evaluate our City’s Apartment Rental Ordinance as well as the Renter Rights & Referrals program.  With a housing crisis and the risk of thousands of residents being displaced, the Councilmember led the charge in updating the City’s rental policies to reduce the burden on tenants.
Commercial Linkage Fee
Since first taking office, Councilmember Peralez has fought to champion the development of a commercial linkage fee to ensure that commercial development is contributing to the creation of affordable housing in the city. The City Council finally approved a CLF nexus study in 2018 and a Commercial Linkage Fee was approved in late 2020.
Bridge Housing Communities
Councilmember Peralez led the charge to adopt interim housing solutions such as Bridge Housing Communities, also known as “Tiny Homes” communities. This led to the opening of the city’s first BHC village of 40 homes in late 2019 in District 3. Since then, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has built two more Bridge Housing Communities following the example of the first one that Councilmember Peralez championed.
Homeless Task Force
Understanding the silos that government and community agencies are in when addressing the homeless crisis, Councilmember Peralez championed funding within the City’s budget to convene a homeless task force to bring all the partners together in one cohesive effort. The County convened its own task force in which Councilmember Peralez participated and concluded in late 2020.
Sanctioned Encampments & Management
Councilmember Peralez has been pushing since 2018 for exploration of sanctioned encampments. While there has been little traction, in 2021, there was a renewal to explore this idea to provide interim housing for unhoused residents, especially with the proliferation of encampments during the COVID-19 pandemic. This work is in progress.

Public Safety

Office of Immigrant Affairs
Councilmember Peralez championed the development of an Office of Immigrant Affairs to ensure that resources were provided for all residents of San José
Downtown Active Storefronts Initiative
In response to the impacts businesses were feeling from blighted vacant storefronts, the Councilmember put forth a policy to combat negligent property owners who continue to not maintain their properties.
Personal Care Business Compliance Initiative
By 2016, there were well over 300 massage parlors in the City of San José, most reported committing illicit activities on premise.  This initiative, proposed by Councilmember Peralez and prioritized by City Council, assisted in the massive reduction of massage parlors citywide.
Firearm Safety Storage Ordinance
As a former active duty Police Officer, Councilmember Peralez fully knows the responsibilities of being a firearm owner.  In response to the public health crisis that is Gun Violence, Councilmember Peralez co-led this policy as another tool to ensure that firearm owners and their families are safe.
Suicide Prevention Policy
In 2017, Councilmember Peralez proposed that the City craft a Suicide Prevention Policy that would support the regional work to further prevent tragic loss of life.  In March 2020, the City Council adopted the City’s first Suicide Prevention Policy.
Reimagining Public Safety
In 2020, against the backdrop of the social movements that took root, Councilmember Peralez called on the City to reimagine public safety in the City of San Jose. As of 2021, the work is in progress..

COVID-19 Recovery

Greater DTSJ Economic Recovery Initiative
In response to the impacts from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the Councilmember convened a Task Force of small business owners and community leaders to put forth recommendations in support of the economic recovery of the Greater Downtown Area.  This initiative is still in progress

Other Services

Downtown Design Guidelines
In 2017, Councilmember Peralez proposed through Priority Setting that the City update its 2004 Downtown Design Guidelines. This was completed in 2019 when the guidelines were officially updated.
Historic Survey Initiative
With unprecedented development activity, the lack of an updated historic asset inventory had created barriers in the overall entitlement process as well as created a lack of transparency for the general public.  The Councilmember co-led an effort to put forth a strategy including bringing on a full time Historic Preservation Officer dedicated to updating the City’s inventory and policies.
Equity Fund & Framework
San José has a long history of inequities in disadvantaged communities.  Along with four other councilmembers, Councilmember Peralez co-championed a initiative in 2019 to reevaluate the City’s processes and to develop an Equity Fund as well as Framework.  This initiative is still in progress.
Open Streets Initiative
As San José continues to densify, Councilmember Peralez recognizes the need to recalibrate the way public right-of-ways are used.  In 2019, the Councilmember led a pilot opening up San Pedro Square to pedestrians only during the summer weekends.  The results of the pilot has inspired further interest in expanding the concept of open streets in other parts of Downtown.
Quiet Zone Study
In response to Union Pacific Railroad’s blatant disregard to District 3 residents when commencing late night train services, Councilmember Peralez proposed that the City study and explore implementing a federally approve Quiet Zone to restore community peace.
Shared Micromobility
With an overnight entrance of electric scooters, Councilmember Peralez pushed for a thoughtful, balanced approach that would allow micromobility businesses to operate in the city while abiding by a stringent regulatory framework. The Shared Micromobility framework was approved in 2018.