D3 Budget

D3 Budgeting

The following are the budget proposals that Councilmember Peralez has submitted during his tenure in office.

FY 2022-2023
Item AmountFunded?
Provide funding for Mobile Home Conversion Land Use work.$381,600
Provide free usage of community rooms at our San Jose Public Libraries.$5,000
Provide beautification upgrades to the area around the four corners of Hedding and N. Bayshore$115,420
Add lighting and “No Dumping” signs to the alleyway between Oak and Virginia St.in the Guadalupe
Washington Neighborhood
$418,200 One-time & $670 On-Going
Increase District 3 Traffic Calming funding to address increased concerns in neighborhoods.$100,000
Provide funding for two additional enhanced street sweeping in District 3$5,320
Increase traffic calming measures within our city where we are seeing a high increase of unsafe driving
Provide funding to the Children’s Discovery Museum to replace stolen items and improve on security
measures to secure the premises.
Replace Calle Willow Banners$6,000
Provide our beautification team additional funding for art and mural projects in areas that are experiencing
blight and/or illegal dumping.

FY 2021-2022
Item AmountFunded?
Adequately fund the COVID Recovery Task Force in order to staff and fund qualified needs that are identified through the task force. $1,000,000
Develop a data-driven platform to inform a multi-year roadmap and framework for investment in Downtown San Jose $25,000
Fund the policy and program development for sanctioned encampments $325,000
Increase the amount of the Department of Transportations Quick Build Projects within the Vision Zero Corridors $500,000
Increase the amount of the San Jose Abierto program for Arena Green and adjacent trails activation.$70,000
Increase the funding to arts and performance based partners $1,000,000
Increase traffic calming funding for District 3 to address corridors in which neighborhoods are being impacted by unsafe drivers. $100,000
Install boulders in the Williams Street barricade area within the Gardner neighborhood.$2,000
Repair the Weaver’s Gift stone basket sculpture. $86,000
Restore San José Fire Fighters over-time budget.$660,000
To complete the sidewalk under the 87/Coleman Bridge $773,700
To increase the funding to the Office of Racial Equity$1,962,000

FY 2020-2021
Funding for additional traffic calming in District 3 to address corridors in which neighborhoods are being
impacted from unsafe drivers.
Support the Economic Re-vitalization of the Downtown San Jose and surrounding communities.$100,000

FY 2019-2020
Continue the after-school program at Gardner Community Center, until a permanent provider can be found for after-school activities to the students from Gardner Elementary. $177,559
Downtown Historical Signage Inventory and Survey$50,000
Downtown Streets Team – Gateway Project$45,000
Establishing a quiet zone along the Union Pacific Railroad Warm Springs Subdivision corridor.$5,500,000
LGBTQ+ Pride along Post St.$65,960
Provide the Anti-Litter and Graffiti program resources to implement a City-wide pilot that would sponsor
mural projects in “hot-spot” graffiti areas.
Provide the San Jose Downtown Association the funds necessary to complete the re-furbishment of the Ice
Rink for Downtown Ice that was started last year.
San Pedro Square and St. John Street Activation -Pilot Program$110,000

FY 2018-2019
2020 Census$1,000,000
District 3 Participatory Budgeting Project$200,000
Feminine Hygiene Product City-Wide Accessibility$16,300
Homeless Task Force$20,000
Store Front Activation Grant Continuation$200,000
Street Activation at San Pedro & Post St.$50,000

FY 2017-2018
Alleviate overtime costs of SJPD secondary employment for non-profit organizations putting on cultural
events and activities.
D3 Participatory Budgeting Program – Year 3.$200,000
Feminine Hygiene Product Access$1,000

FY 2016-2017
Continue and increase the scale of D3 Participatory Budgeting Program.$280,000
Purchase and procure LED and energy efficient lights and light filters of all colors possible for the ability to
light up the City of San Jose’s Rotunda building.
Residential Parking Permit Fees/Penalties Increase$0

FY 2015-2016
Creating the Office of Immigrant Affairs$500,000
District 3 Participatory Budgeting pilot project$100,000
Funding for Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative (RLEI)$150,000
Funding the San Jose Veterans Parade$80,000
Funds to Support Police Recruitment & Retention$2.03M
Increase parking citation fines for disabled and Crosshatch parking spots$0
Update and Add Equipment to Bring Spartan Keyes, McKinley and Washington Re-
Use Centers Up to Date.

D3Decides: Participatory Budgeting

From 2015 to 2020, over 2,500 District 3 residents proposed, researched, and voted on how to spend $600,000 of the City’s budget. With the conclusion of D3 Decides, learn about the 27 completed projects that continue to serve our community.