Laura’s Law / Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)


Laura’s Law was passed in California almost 20 years ago to assist individuals with untreated severe mental illness, allowing counties to mandate intensive court-ordered treatment for individuals with a history of violence or frequent hospitalization. Nineteen years after its adoption, 19 counties in California have implemented Laura’s Law, including our sister counties, San Francisco, Alameda and San Mateo. We now have the opportunity to implement this important law here in Santa Clara County.


Yes, the data has shown incredible success such as:

  • Reduces violent behavior by 64%, homelessness by 30%, hospitalization by 33% and contact with law enforcement by 46%. 
  • 75% of individuals referred to participate in AOT opted in voluntarily
  • In San Francisco, 129 AOT participants’ cost to the city was reduced from $485,000 in monthly services to $81,745 per month once they entered AOT.

Laura’s Law: Assisted Outpatient Treatment Demonstration Project Act of 2002 for the Reporting Period May 2018 – April 2019


1. Send a Letter to the Board of Supervisors
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SUBJECT: 05/25 Agenda Item #26 – Support AOT/Laura’s Law

Dear Honorable Supervisors, 

I am emailing in support of San José Councilmember Raul Peralez’s call to urge that the Board votes to opt in to Assisted Outpatient Treatment, also known as Laura’s Law. Since the inception of the program in 2002, we have seen 19 counties join with great success. In the latest report from the California Department of Health Services, the data has shown a reduction in violent behavior by 64%, homelessness by 30%, hospitalization by 33% and contact with law enforcement by 46% from participants in the program.  Adopting Laura’s Law will allow for the small but significant population that suffer from severe mental illness to receive the proper treatment they need and end the revolving door of repeated hospitalizations, homelessness, and jailings. 

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2. Attend the Meeting and Speak Up

Tuesday May 25, 2021
9:00am | Agenda Item #26

Call In: (669)900-6833,
Meeting ID: 93010003919#

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