Thank you for visiting the District 3 online office. It is truly an honor to be serving as your elected representative for the City of San José. As a lifelong resident of San José, a graduate of downtown’s very own San José State University, and as a former San José Police Officer, I can wholeheartedly say that I am a tireless advocate and champion for our City.

In March of 2020, the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic and San José was not spared from its devastating impact. Our pre-existing challenges have been exacerbated and though the vaccine brings hope, we still have a very tough road ahead. I will continue to focus my efforts on addressing growing public safety concerns, housing and homelessness challenges and now bring focus on the COVID-19 pandemic recovery. In early 2020, I created the Greater Downtown San José Economic Recovery Task Force to build an inclusive forum for our local community to navigate the pandemic and its work continues today as we navigate the recovery. We all face uncertain times ahead but I am committed to my service to you and with dedicated staff members, your D3 team and I continue to work passionately and diligently to be good stewards and representatives of District 3.

Our vision: Work to make San José a safe and diverse city where everyone can afford to live, find dignified work, and engage in community.

While we have celebrated many successes, there is still much work ahead and I look forward to making progress together in the years to come.

Thank you again for visiting,

Raul Peralez
Councilmember, District 3